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What is the problem?

I can´t log myself into my Raspberry pi using both an ssh connection and directly from the Raspberry pi.

What did you already try to solve it?

I searched the internet on ways to properly set up an ssh connection but couldn´t find a good way. In the end I used the Windows Powershell. I could connect to the Raspberry pi but I just couldn´t type in the password.

Additional information about your setup

I´m using a Raspberry Pi 3B and OctoPrint 0.18. and Windows 10.

This is by design - no unix terminal shows you the password typing, OctoPi is based on this system (OctoPi > Raspbian -> Debian -> Linux -> Unix). As soon as it appears, type raspberry (or if you have changed it, whatever you changed it to) then press enter. If it goes wrong, hold the backspace and try again.

Thank you very much! That´s very good to know and I just didn´t knew this.
Now it´s working perfectly.

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