Login not working OCTOPi


What is the problem?
No passwprd enters when login asks for it Running latest of Raspian (that worked) then when I loaded Octoprint

What did you already try to solve it?
Look for help took pictures that I cannot find anyway to ad to post for help

Additional information about your setup (OctoPrint version, OctoPi version, printer, firmware, octoprint.log, serial.log or output on terminal tab, ...)


Need more information to help you. To start with, are you trying to log in to OctoPrint when accessing from your web browser, or trying to log in to your Pi from the command line? (If it's the latter, it's normal for nothing to show up on screen when you enter your password.)

Is there any reason you are installing Raspian, and then installing OctoPrint on that, rather than using theOctoPi image? The OctoPi image is already set up and optimized for running OctoPrint on your Raspberry Pi, and is generally the easiest way to get OctoPrint up and running on your Pi.


Thank you so much for stopping to help. I figured it out after a couple days. I was courious about this thing and most of the way it has been painless. I got raspian going first to get my feet wet, very nice interface can follow it. As for the cmd prompt, I have had limited exposure to DOS and coding, there is much I am learning. The one thing I learned is that the password dosen't show as your are typing it! So next was the octopi. I have known and realized there is a difference between a client and a server. Just didn't know how. Still don't in a way. How I learned this was working on putty, getting my laptop connected and the network configured. When I signed in to the Pi I realized my misunderstanding. So I went back and imaged my chip with Octoprint and loaded it up, logged in and then couln't figure out where to go from there. It took awhile for me to try to open the address in my browser when it opened up the Octopi I was very happy and added alittle more to what now know.

My next query if you would know or could direct me to who could tell me if you can run both raspian and Octopi and access the server through raspian to control octopi or can I stop the Octopi server and operate raspian without the need to swap img files on the chip.

My printer is due in ay day now and I want very much to have this system up and running ready to connect to it so I can learn the next steps in the process to have an operating printer to play with that I can watch from anywhere

Again thatnks for your help. I hope you can answer my questions



In this case, the server is your Pi. Think of it as the host of the web page you are visiting when you point the web browser of another device (the client) to OctoPrint running on your Pi.

Regarding your next query: Are you asking if it's possible to access the OctoPrint web interface from your Pi? This is possible if you have a screen, mouse & keyboard attached to it. There are some additional things you need to set up. I have not done this, so am not the one to guide you through this process. I just wanted to let you know it is possible, and hopefully someone on here will point you in the right direction.

You might want to post a new topic under a subject heading more related, since this is very different than the subject of this thread "Login not working OCTOPi".


Hey John,

Got it all working, have my Rastaban running and can access octopi through Wifi or directly from the Pi, Happy Camper here. Now to back it all up

through local network, also have samba installed and a shared file created. Next is backing up sd card to that file folder, should have it down by tomorrow. Printer due in next week, just wanted to be ready for it

Thanks again for your help, I'm sure we will chat again



Great to hear, @digitheadman (Chip)!

As you are playing around with other options, you might find this video series helpful: Octopi Tutorial Series by Joe Mike Terranella. The first video in the series is basic set-up, which you have already figured out. The others get in to more advanced topics (some of those you've already figured out as well).

You also may have some tweaking/calibration to do in your printer's set-up. Not sure what brand/model you have, but I'll bet there is a printer specific support group for it somewhere - or the "general" section here (though perhaps not quite the concentration of people knowledgeable on your printer here as there is in a brand-specific group).


Thank you so much for reaching out to me since I have posted that I have connected my Raspberry Pi go the Octo print running on the server and I can move my printer through the computer my issue now is understanding the slicing function and how to get the Raspberry Pi to put it into or how to see my printer which is an Ender 2 that is my next challenge. Again thank you very much for your help and I will be using this form down the road for the many questions I will have. Be well