Login promt on touch screen

New octopi set up on a 5" touch screen
the system ask for "octopi login"

i can log on using my computer (Mac) but it should start up on the display right?
and i can't type a log in on the touch screen

i have tried google and search here but i could not find the answer

i am new in this, so sorry if is a elementary stupid question



The standard login is pi, the standard password is raspberry.
Typing in gives nor response on the screen.

OctoPrint is meant to be accessed through the network primarily. OctoPi does not ship with a setup that will show OctoPrint on an attached display (and considering the amount of various displays out there that would be a nightmare to support too), you'll have to configure that yourself. Keep in mind that OctoPrint's web interface is really not meant to be run on the Pi itself, it is developed to take load off the server to the usually more powerful client and running it on the server could negatively impact your print results.

Hi Ewald

no responce on the screen.
but is there not a way to put it in the code so it will start directly up in the user interface of octoprint?



Hi Foosel

I have just seen on youtube where they have a good information screen from the octoprint up running.