Logitech C615 will not work

Camera model
Logitech C615
What is the problem?
I can't get a stream or image
What did you already try to solve it?
I've been cruising the forum for about a week, editing octopi.txt, tried different browser. I used putty to try to get /var/log/webcamd.log file but it doesn't display anything.
Logs (/var/log/webcamd.log, syslog, dmesg, ... no logs, no support)
octoprint.log (134.5 KB)
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I have used lsusb and the cam will come up but its intermittent. Any help would be appreciated.

Disconnect any other usb devices (like your printer) from your pi, power it down and power it up again.
Then try it again

I tried that, unplugged everything except the camera and still nothing.

Reboot the pi, disconnect the webcam, connect it again, enter dmesg in ssh and post the output here.

Will do, thank you for the help.

I had the same issue i had to run an lsusb to find the mac of the camera and added it to additional_brokenfps_usb_devices in octopi.txt in the boot directory. It worked great until a few days ago when i added some plugins. now i am running into a different issue. for which i will be starting my post.

I'm pretty sure I'll be replacing the camera. I've had trouble with it since purchase. Any suggestions for a replacement would be helpful.

I really love the Raspberry Pi Foundation Pi NoIR camera v2 as sold by Adafruit, for example.

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My guess is this issue with the Logitech C615 has been solved - please disregard this reply if this is the case, otherwise:

I'd just installed Octoprint/Pi and my Logitech 615 didn't display in Octoprint/Control. I used Putty to login to the Pi and enabled the camera (sudo raspi-config).

Might help someone.


That's odd. The PiCam should be pre-enabled in the OctoPi image and shouldn't be related to usb cams at all.

Although I use Raspberry Pi's in my everyday life (VPN, USB sharing etc) it's been a long time since I've needed to use raspi-config to configure one, at 67 years of age my memory isn't so good :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: , however, when my first install of Octopi didn't show the stream from my Logitech C615 webcam, I remembered there was a setting for the webcam in raspi-config, so it was the first thing I tried, and it worked!!

Have a great Easter and stay safe :smiley:

As pointed out, that setting purely relates to the raspicam and is enabled on OctoPi by default anyhow. You enabling it again (which just wrote the same raspicam settings to a config file again that already contained them) did not make your camera work. Any involved reboots or wiggling of cables however might have.

Sorry for the delay in replying!

All I did to get the camera working was to enable the setting for the webcam in raspi-config, no wiggling wires etc, it just worked. I probably did reboot the Pi after making the change - seems rather strange having read your comments. Maybe I could disable the webcam in raspi-config to see what happens!

And of course, stay safe.