Long connection establishment

Why does it take so long (a few minutes) until the browser can access Octopi?
The browser finds the Octopi server immediately, but then the culverts always turn in circles.
Octopi runs on a Pi3b + and is connected to the network via WiFi. The WiFi has enough bandwidth in the room of the 3d printer.


I have OctoPi / OctoPrint installed on a RPi 3B connected to my network via WiFi. From my desktop connected via 1Gig Ethernet it takes 9.42 seconds from clicking on the browser icon in the taskbar to displaying the main OctoPrint screen (the home page on the browser is OctoPi / OctoPrint).

Hello b-morgen, I am really happy for you that your connection establishment works so quickly. I'm looking for the reason why it takes so long at my installation.

You asked "why does it take so long?". I answered "it doesn't take that long".

You haven't provided enough information for us to help you determine why, in your environment, it takes minutes instead of seconds. Need help? READ THIS FIRST!

The more information you give us, the better chance we have of helping you.

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