Long print time on Raspberry Pi b+ v1.4

I installed the most recent released version of Octoprint on my Raspberry Pi B+. Everything seemed to be working fine and I was printing some parts that I got from Thingiverse. Up to this point I was using the SD card transfer method and printing from SD.

I have a Monoprice Mini Delta.

I tried printing a part through Octoprint that I had previously printed with the SD Card transfer. I noticed the Cura estimated print time was about 1.5 hours. When I started the print on Octoprint the estimated time, after stabilization, was 7.5 hours.

The printer came with a test part, small cat, gcode file. I copied this onto an SD card and printed it, it took about 1 hour. When I upload the gcode to Octoprint and print it, it takes 6.5 hours.

I looked at the gcode commands on ther terminal screen. It doesn't look like there are any lost commands where the printer requires them to be resent.

I have the baud rate set to 250k.

Is the Raspberry Pi B+ not powerful enough to run Octoprint?

Share both of the gcode files. Are you on the original (pi1) b+?

I incorrectly typed 1 hour in my original post, it should've been 3 hours and the Octoprint basically doubled the print time. This is one of the files, the longer one, that I printed.
I have since restarted my Octoprint by doing a clean install and not doing the software version upgrade (so it looks like I'm running 1.3.8). After reinstalling, I did not connect my PS3 eye camera. I wanted it as simple as possible with as little load as possible.
I'm printing a calibration cube now through Octoprint and timing the overall print time, when it's done I will print the cube again through the SD card to see what the difference is.
I suspect, correct me if this doesn't make sense, that the time lapse may have been slowing it down.

MMD_xyzCalibration_cube.zip (133.8 KB)

That was the wrong file, attached is the correct one that essentially doubled the print time.MMD_Outer_Gimbal_Mk02.zip (2.0 MB)

Any help on this? I'd like to use my Pi to control my printer but if I use the webcam the prints are incrediblely slow. Any larger print can triple in time if I'm using the camera, even with Time lapse off.

What else could be slwojng the prints down?

Ever figure this out? Having the same issue.

I went to a Pi 3b+ and it works fine. I'm guessing the 1 was too under powered.

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Hmm, I am using a Pi 3B+ also. Guess I need to keep looking. My print times are double or more compared to the sd card. Yesterday I did a 18 minute print from the sd card then printed the same file through Octoprint, took 63 minutes.

You might consider installing the PrintTimeGenius plugin and compare the estimates.


What sort of model was it? Was it very detailed with many curves, or fairly straight edges?

It was literally just a test cube. nothing complex at all

Then, unless you are printing very fast, it may be worth checking the serial log. It could be that serial packages get lost which means that commands may need to be resent. In that case you could try using a different USB cable to the printer. Finally, have you tried running OctoPrint in safe mode (ie: wihtout plugins)? Otherwise I am out of ideas.


The Gcode has HALF A MILLION lines , most of them do microscopic senseless moves far below resolution of any printer. Obviously serial transfer is limited by that. The fault is not Octoprint, the fault is the idiotic conversion from some cad to stl that created far to much too small texels.
I remember i once had a simple pcb board stud , not more than half a gram of filament taking 2 hours to stutter out..

Anyway the PI 1 really is to underpowered for such and for octoprint with a few nice addons anyway.

It even takes eternally to load in a gcode simulator...