Looking for info,, octoprint loaded onto ubuntu now, cant run encloser plug in relays

What is the problem?
tring to run octo print from my ubuntu server 20.04 LTS runs good but....
found i cant get and outputs for relays to control my enclosuer

What did you already try to solve it?
was thinking tasmota loaded onto a esp8266 nodemcu might do the trick

has any one done this and was able to run relays on usb? i have lights and fans and psu controled by relays

yes i know the pi works fine but i wanted to run most my stuff from my storage/ftp server

Well at least the psu relay tasmota thing will work.
@jneilliii wrote this awesome plugin for that case

You could also add gpio outputs to your pc with the help of a pi zero (a simple 5$ zero will do it - no need for a W or WH)

didn't test it on ubuntu though

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sooo a lil update i got octopi running on ubuntu server 20.04 and installed plug ins ect
i set up samba on it to to i can back up all my files ezr

i set up a arduino esp8266 node mcu with tasmota sonoff firmware and that runs my 8 ralay board off a wifi ip address

all works well enof my octo server can turn the relays on/off but i cant sense if the printer is on so i cant do thermal run away dettect, idle time donst work nither if set it shuts off in mid print
no enclosure plug in support wont load it

and if the node mcu turns off i loose all the settings for the wifi and drops off the network so im going to try a pi zero remote gpio thru usb or ip again see if that work any better