Looking to control a second relay


Hello everyone!

I have been using my Ender 5 and OctoPi set up for about two weeks now and love it. I have added a few plugins and am amazed by the community and support around this great tool. OctoPrint has really made running my 3d printer a joy.

Ok, on to my question. I am using the PSU plugin to control a relay for my printer but I would also like to be able to control a lamp from a second relay. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to do this? Looking at the enclosure plugin leads me to think it will work for my needs but since my knowledge base is limited some help from the community would be great.

Currently my first PSU relay is on BCM14 and the second is on BCM15.

I do realize that my lamp could be run from the same relay as the power supply but during the day saving energy / lighting my printer with natural light would be nice.


I know its off topic but what setup did you use on your Ender 5?


No worries Iā€™m happy to help in any way I can. Can you help me understand your question better? When you say set up do you mean print settings, hardware, ect?


I guess first off.. What is your hardware setup? I need to know what parts 2 order then. Info on the software and setup you did 2 make everything work.. Thanks


So, I am still pretty new at 3D printing others will have better info for you. My decision to get the Ender 5 was largely based on the popularity of the Ender 3. While I am happy with the quality of the set up it the one thing I am not to happy about is the lack of info on the unit due to it being so new. My main issue being the lack of apparent thermal runaway protection. From my understanding (I could be wrong) it is turned off from the factory. Due to the printer being so new firmware is not available anywhere so I am unable (with my skills) to download and flash the mainboard with new firmware to enable thermal runaway. So now that I got my issue out of the way here is my current set up.

I have a Ender 5 (from Comgrow on amazon) and Raspberry Pi 3B+ (from amazon)

The pi is running OctoPI of course and this is by far the best thing about the whole experience for me. It is worth the effort to have the added functionality. The OctoPi website has all the info you need to get it running.

Here are some of the extras I have added (some of my power add ons are redundant). Also I must add you should NOT leave your printer unattended especially while sleeping. My set up does not negate the need to monitor a printer.

-Power supply control through the GPIO pins on the pi
-Filament run out / sensor linked to the pi (not the printer)
-Lots of great plugins for OctoPrint
-Glass print bed
-Upgraded wires for the Hot end and heated bed with new 60amp connectors (my goal is a all metal hot end and new mainboard once I figure out how to do it)
-New nozzles to play with .25, .4, .6, .8, & 1mm
-Currently the whole set up is running on a large battery back up (enough to run the set up for about 2 hours)
-Lutron controlled outlets so I can 100% kill power remotely
-Fire alarm tied to my security system right over the printer
-Auto fire suppression over the printer
-Auto thermostat switch to kill power in the event of a fire
-Teamviewer on my Mac mini next to the Pi to view OctoPrint remotely
-Camera angles to watch filament, Ender display screen, and the print bed

Not sure if this answers any questions or is more confusing but feel free to ask anything else and I will do my best.

Here are some pictures of my set up and prints. Ignore the bad Pi set up i`m working on a enclosure.

FLIR0017 FLIR0011 FLIR0005