Loses File While Printing

Has anyone had issues with their Octoprint Losing a Sliced File in the middle of a print?

On several of my recent prints, everything will be going Swimmingly and out of the Blue, Octoprint will cancel a print and delete it from my Dashboard. The Temperatures will all Hold at the Correct Values, but there won't be a file in the Queue.

Logs might show us what is going on. Without them, who can tell?

I hope you are not using insecure portforwarding, in which case some scriptkiddy could be trolling you over the internet.

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I'm not sure how to read the Log Files yet and I would supply one but it is impossible to attach a file for someone to give me an idea as to what I should be looking at. I did though delete the Dashboard Plugin as it seemed to be giving me a tremendous amount of info I don't need.

Log files is a link, so you can click it to find out all the information you need.

And you aren't expected to make sense of the files, you are expected to share them unedited and in full so we can make sense of them.


@rockman44181000 You replied to the wrong post.... I think you meant to post this here?

As @foosel said, uploading the log files allows others to look through, and having done this lots of times before we start to get good at it :slight_smile: I tend to point out the offending part to help people out sometimes too.

I can take a look tomorrow if no one gets there first :wink:

I can see the Log Files, but knowing what to look for when there is a problem is the main issue.octoprint (1).log (384.7 KB)

Thanks for the logs. They show starting two prints: Litho_Calibration_08-6mm_Circle.gcode at 15:13:19 and NL-Carvelle_Family.gcode at 15:18:16. You canceled the first one pretty quickly after starting it, but the second one fails printing because the printer stops responding to OctoPrint. Neither prints show anything about the file going missing.

It was the Second One that threw me. When I checked on my desktop which had Octoprint up and running at the time. There was no File Present in the queue, so that's why I assumed that it had been deleted. Even stranger was that the temperatures for the nozzle and the bed were holding steady and I could restart the print as there was nothing in the queue.