Lost connection with octoprint, only PI reboot helps

So the case is that I can connect to Octoprint, start the print, but then first the camera stream loses the connection, and when I want to refresh, I cannot connect to Octoprint anymore until I turn the PI off an on completely. Meanwhile the PI is still connected, I can see the print via Spaghetti detective, and also can connect it via terminal. I have the latest version (1.7.2), but problems already started with 1.7.0

I cannot go into more datails as being a real rookie in this whole thing, but I succeeded to use Octoprint for a few months without any problems until now.

Browser is Chrome, printer is an Ender 3V2, but I think it does not matter here

Thanks for any ideas in advance

When you wrote this post there was that template. Systeminfo Bundle. Logs, no logs no support. Add as much details as you can. That sort of things.
You rather deleted it. And now no one has an idea which part of your logs shows a hint at the cause of your issue.

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