M0, how to resume without LCD screen/button

What is the problem?
Wondering how to use M0 command without the use of an LCD screen, and/or physical button. I'd like to make the printer more interactive when running a calibration program (like the makerbots) however without M0 is difficult. Anyway to simulate a fake click to proceed button, or terminal command that allows me to proceed?

What did you already try to solve it?
Researched online, can't seem to find anything regarding a digital button that can be "clicked".

If you have control over the firmware side of things, you could probably fiddle something together with action prompts.

As things are stock however, there's no way to simulate the LCD encoder press via GCODE, which is actually the main reason why M0 and M1 are usually not sent to the printer by OctoPrint but instead trigger a local pause.