M3U8 video support

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M3U8 Video support

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Searched in the forum already, didn't found what i'm looking for.

Additional information about your setup

Last octoprint, installed it today, fresh install.
Win 10, Google chrome last release.

I have an IP Camera connected on my Wifi.
I have a direct link for the stream but it's a .m3u8

Octoprint do not support .m3u8 (or i missed something)


Is there a way to replace basic webcam feature of Octoprint for IP Cam using HLS technology ?

Example link for my ip cam :

Thank you :slight_smile:

In the m3u8 file that my phone download when i try to access the camera, there is more to add after .m3u8 :

And if i download and edit the file that is downloaded, i got things like this :

But i don't know what to do with that

Check this post...Experimental HLS support I created a plugin based on these changes that in theory should enable HLS video support...

Hey thank you for your answer, i'd like to try it.

I installed it with plugin manager, is there a configuration file to edit or something ?

Ps : my camera needs an username and password, is it supported with your plugin ?

So again, I just ported the other person's changes into a plugin format. From my understanding you just need to enter the full address in the webcam stream URL in the standard OctoPrint settings, but if I remember correctly it will just check against the extension m3u8 and may not work with the additional information. In most html based access you can embed the username/password into the URL somehow, potentially like http://username:password@

looks like it does not need username / pwd (tried on chrome with Play HLS app). But via OctoPrint it does not work "Webcam stream not loaded"


Without the "?channel=1" it shows a player but with infinite loading

It's probably a little tweak to do in the code somewhere but i don't really undetstand js so i can't figure it out

If you can get it to load inside chrome directly you might be able to utilize the WebcamIframe plugin.

Not directly, i need a chrome extension, and it's not usable as it i guess : chrome-extension://hahkjjkedonglpienpfiganogikkkoii/player.html#