M600 Command Filament Change


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Ender 3 Printers running TH3D unfied FW
Raspberry PI 3 B+
OctoPi v 0.15.xx /OctoPrint

I have a print project I want to work on concerning changing colors at different areas of the print.
In that I see there is a few ways to accomplish this with the M600 command I am curious as
to how this is going to work/not going to work/or how to make it work using a Raspberry PI and OctoPrint.
If this were simply print from SD card in said printer I would use the LCD to control things once the M600 command starts but on the OctoPrint side what does one do to get this to work?
If there is some documentation out there I would be most grateful or maybe some personal experience shared?
Just some background on me, I have been printing for about 3 years but just recently dived into a printer that requires me to learn/understand/deal with G Code. Previous printers were a DaVinci XYZ 1.0 which was not flashed and used the XYZ slicer to do my printing so take that for what its worth :slight_smile:
My current slicers are Simplify 3D and Cura.