MahaPrinting: Manage a multi-user print queue and dispatch prints to multiple printers

Hey there! I'm pleased to announce the first public release of a little project I've been working on in the last few months on and off.


MahaPrinting lets you manage user-uploaded prints in a print queue, and dispatch those prints to multiple printers managed by OctoPrint, all from a single UI.

Origin Story

MahaPrinting was designed for a convention/hackathon where the participants can request 3D prints for their projects.
That causes some headache prioritizing and tracking prints, and coordinating available printers.
MahaPrinting attempts to solve these problems.

Among the features:

  • GCODE/STL support:

    • STL files can be downloaded, sliced and re-uploaded as GCODE by the manager

    • GCODE files can be sent directly to the printers

  • A user can upload prints and view the status (in queue, printing, done...) of the prints he uploaded in a mobile-friendly web page

  • The manager can see the list of uploaded user prints, look at a preview of the STL/GCODE and decide to which printer this print should be sent:

For more info and pictures you can visit MahaPrinting's GitHub page:

I hope this project will help some of you :smiley:


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