Managing multiple octoprint instances


Is there a way to control multiple octoprint instances within one interface like repetier-server?


Not yet. Or not full.


I'm setting up my first printer farm. Is there any general advice on how many instances of OctoPrint can be run on an RPi 3+? How about a MarsBoard Prusa mentioned in an old post?


When you buy a marsboard buy one with a rockchip SoC because after juli they are full opensource Hardware and software and everything will be in the mainline kernel, not as the raspberry pi which is mostly closed source.

The problem is the marsboard is very expensive you can use as setup like i run:

  • a cheap case and 2GB ram (if you get all cheap you can build your setup under 100€)
    if you need some GPIO there are 8pin GPIO usb cards for 2-3$ on the market :wink: