Manual extrusion problem

Hi, everything is working perfectly except for the manual extrusion! I didnt find anything about this. can someone help me. im new here and using octoprint about 3 month. my printer is a kingroon kp3s pro. i can move my printer totally by octoprint, except extrusion. thanks

You have to be up to temperature typically in order to be able to extrude, so make sure you have set the temperature first.

Can you explain what exactly does not work? Do you get an error message?
How do you attempt the manual extrusion?

yes, my temperature is ok.

when i try to extrude by the control panel, my temp is ok, i try to push the extrude button, already set to 10mm, but nothing happen, and i dont have any error message. it work directly on the printer, but not on the control panel. all the other function are perfectly working...except extrude or retract button

And in safe mode?
And the systeminfo bundle?

Both have been asked for when you opened this thread.

Maybe it's related to this bug report, which will be fixed in the next release of OctoPrint?

sorry for the missing info, its the first time here. i didnt have the shutdown icon in my octoprint. im noob for changing the files lines. (177.5 KB)

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