MASSIVE Layer Shift since OP used

serial.log (296 Bytes)

I know very little about RPis. More of a ESP user myself....

A HUGE single layer shift, not a gradual shift but cleaved. Only occurs once and printed fine on thin air next to the model after that. It doesn't slide off the bed as it was stuck and I had it on camera (not a pi camera, just unassotiated IP cam). Its as if it went from abs to relative positioning and I didn't send any M91 or whatever it is. I was asleep.No one seems to have this particular issue - most have many small shifts due to a loose belt. My belts are tight to a bass D note when you pluck them. This is a 1-2" X+Y shift. One was Diagonal, the other was mostly +X.

I printed two things. It only occurs at 5 hours in so I couldn't do much troubleshooting. Obviosuly right now I am printing from SD card and see if it re-occurs. I fear that it will print fine and implicate a tool I love - octoprint. The power supply seems OK. Belts are tight. No odd noises other than some filament slippage squeal, I do have a wipe for the filament.

Logs - It would not take a 1.9MB octoprint.log despite limit being 4096k. You get serial.log.

Additional information about your setup (OctoPrint version, OctoPi version, ...) Cura 4.8 and Octoprint 1.5.3 on new RP 3 B+.

That's indeed a massive layer shift
I'm not quite sure how that happened :open_mouth:

Are you using something like OctoLapse?
Try it in safe mode to rule out any plugins

You could zip the octoprint.log :slight_smile:

Btw did you read your serial.log :wink: ?

I'm sorry but couldn't see anything of note in the logs. I ruled out octoprint! It now occurs on just printing from SD card. If you're here and read this maybe you may know why Cura 4.8 OR Ender 3 Pro will shift X axis +40mm suddenly. It's not octoprint and i'm happy that's the case.

I'd be willing to bet that its not Cura 4.8. I'd also be willing to bet that it is the Creality Ender 3 Pro.

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"I'd be willing to bet that its not Cura 4.8. I'd also be willing to bet that it is the Creality Ender 3 Pro."
I'll take some of that action.

Thanks all it was the printer driver board. Damn thing keeps motors live on power down. DUMB