Max_accel, jerk settings for 2 trees SP-5+

What is the problem?
no problem just need info
What did you already try to solve it?
changed board from Robin Nano V1.2 to Robin Nano V3.1 while trouble shoooting what turned out to be a bad motor.
Additional information about your setup (OctoPrint version, OctoPi version, printer, firmware, what kind of hardware precisely, ...)
octoprint 1.8.6 printer is rebuilt, two trees SP-5-plus running klipper on the printer and on a bpi m5 in place of the usual rpi3b, works great.

I've triangulated the frame to stiffen it considerably. And am now exploring just how fast I can drive it. Cura, latest at 5.02, is the slicer.

Currently accel is at 5500, and jerk is at 50, print speed top is 250mm/sec.
Both accel and jerk will go up some more, pressure_advance in klipper is just over 1.08, currently making a stick to hold 3mm hex nuts to be used as an installer jig on an Ender5+ and a tronxy-400-pro that are being rebuilt with a carbon fiber X axis & linear rails. The above speed, accel and jerk are making usable sticks, except for the cooling shrinkage, which I lost and am now hunting for again by remaking the stick with 3x more comp, starting at 100.005%, and tripling the correction factor x3 per remake until it over shoots.

The quality of the hex pocket suffers even at those relatively low accel & jerk settings, but its a lot better that the stock settings which basically create round holes, not hex with 2000,20 defaults..

So I'm wondering if anyone else has encountered home losing limits for those as they've advanced the speed?

Comments most welcome.

zero comments, so I'll do my own.
current accell=6500
current jerk=50
current speed= 100
speed will go up to around 250 w/o any home loss but even braced, frame and belting rings like the liberty bell, need to setup an adxl345 accelerometer & train klipper. More when I know more.

I've since slowed it down to get a handle on the ringiing of the belts. reducing jerk iseems to have been more help in particular, no noticeable growth in build times for 3500 and 11, accel and jerk, some time growth at 80mm speeds. I've diagonally braced the frame on 3 sides but so far at these speeds, no noticeable effect.