Micro cuts during printing


What is the problem?

I noticed for some time that my printer slowed in the shelves, like micro cuts.
For two days I noticed that the printer marks a short pause of 0.5 seconds every 2 seconds. and extends my impression of 2 hours (for 10 hours initially ...)

What did you already try to solve it?

Tonight I just relaunch the same print without octoprint directly via the SD CARD and I have no slowdown or stop; every work good.

My configuration:

  • Prusa I3 + MKS V1.5 + TFT
  • Raspberry 1 connect via my electrical network with CPL DEVOLO dlan 500 duo+ (my Devolo assistant gives me a connection speed of 150Mb/s).
  • Octoprint 1.3.6

Do you have an idea of my problem?


The only time i ever came across such habit, was a STL from Thingiverse that had over 250000 triangles for part the size of dogĀ“s tooth,... or, sometimes on BRIM circles calculated by ideamaker ( also with thousands of micron size moves )