Mid Air Support in Cura

I am with Cura 4.4.0
Octoprint 1.3.12
Octpi 0.16.0
Chrome Browser
I am trying to print a Bust of an Easter Island Statue, and I generate support everywhere and Cura comes up with support that starts in mid-air.

Hello @Capbat!

You may consult a Cura forum for this issue.


It's to be expected. Those Easter Island statues were created by aliens and they're all about the hover.

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Yes I Did.

Thanks very helpful.

Cmon it was just a little joke :wink:
You could try to change the support overhang angle to a low number like 20° and see if the support stops flying

Sounds like Cura is completely confused about the shape of the STL object. It's trying to build a support vertically down but your part is in the way.