Mid Print Filament Change

Hi, Ive a Prusa MK3S, Bear X and Extruder with Bear FW using OctoPrint . Last night I started a print job after about an hour I noticed the filament was going to run out, There was no option to eject the running filament so I waited for the filament to run out and ask for a change. I wasn’t be able to pull out the filament after ejection and I know now obviously I couldn’t load. I eventually worked out I needed to open the extruder door and work the stuck filament back up. All ok but then the PRUSA rebooted, not sure why the print was lost?

Any opinions on this ?

Practically, once the last applied layer has cooled, the next layer will have poor adhesion.

What I do with my PrintrBot Simple Metal is watch the filament as it gets close and cut the end off flat. Then mount the new spool and cut it's end flat.
As the old filament starts to disappear into the extruder pushing mechanism I just follow it with the new filament. You may have to release the tension on the gear to get it to feed and also may have to push it in a bit before you reset the tension spring.

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Never noticed that with PLA or PETg. Imagine a large area print and in addition the part cooling fan (with PLA). It's obvious that the layer gets quite cool.

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I’ve done plenty of mid print colour changes and never had problem with adhesion also paused prints to insert magnets.

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Good idea, the PRUSA allows you to change filament mid print, my point is that it’s a slight problem if it runs out when it’s unattended. Also I’m not sure why it rebooted.

I suspect you made the change as quick as possible not the extended pause the OP described.

Uhmm . @NickRno77 is the OP

Oppsy, still valid though