Minimum temperature on Ender3?

I decided to move my printer to the garage because the noise is such a drag to have inside for hours on end.

Now it has gottten colder, and I suddenly get the error "MINTEMP triggered, system stopped! Heater_ID: bed - Printer halted. kill() called!"-error just when the print job starts. When I stick a hairdryer in the enclosure, and let it heat the printer+ enclosure for a few minutes, the error goes away.

That causes me to believe that there is actually a minimum temperature trigger somewhere. On the other hand it seems really stupid as the printer has a heated bed. If I could only get to run it for a few minutes, the temperature issue would go away, but even preheating triggers the error.

Can you confirm that there is such a trigger in either Marlin (I use version 2.0) or Octoprint ? If so, where is it and is there a way to get rid of it?

Just curious what this has to do with a slicer?

Yes, it is in the firmware.

Usually, when you get this error, there is a short in the circuit of the PTC heat sensor or a break when you use a NTC heat sensor (like NTC 3950).

Thanks for getting back!

> Usually, when you get this error, there is a short in the circuit of the PTC heat sensor or a break when you use a NTC heat sensor (like NTC 3950).

Yes, I noticed elswhere on this site. It seems however, that it mostly happens several seconds after the print is started at the earliest whereas I get it within a second of starting the print, and only when it around 0 C

Yes, it is in the firmware.

Bummer. What a stupid place to put such a thing. I'll go and ask in the Marlin forum then. If you happen to know an easy way to get rid of it (like a plugin to Octa or a line of code in the settings...?) then please don't hold back :smiley:

Could you please share the systeminfo bundle in your next post?

As stated, it's in the firmware. Factory firmware has it and marlin has it. You need to recompile Marlin after changing the mintemp value and flashing the new marlin to the printer. It cannot be bypassed with Octoprint or any plugin

Okay. Thanks for confirming. I will give it a shot.


I had the same issue, and had to add an enclosure. I use the medium Creality enclosure :
I don't remember the lowest temperature acceptable for my Ender 5, but it was below 10Β°C.
I just warm up the bed a few minutes before beginning a print, at least in winter ...


MINTEMP is usually an indication of a hrdware problem. BUT, if a thermistor registers a Zero C temp it thinks something is broken!

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@vincentim: Yes, I have the exact same enclosure. Using the heated bed also triggers the error on my printer, perhabs that came with the BLtouch firmware version. I though I could simply turn it on by having a relay in parallel with the normal circuit, but thought better of it. Without a thermistor to regulate it, I'm not sure what would happen if I accidently leave it on for to long.

@jtodom: Makes sense. It's a failsafe, then. I proberbly shouldn't tamper with it.

I moved the printer back inside. When spring comes, I can put it back out in the garage. Thank you for sheading some light on the issue!

I've put a small desk heater into my enclosure, controlled by a stand alone temp controller.
About 20$ for heater, 20$ for thermostat/

Replace the control board with a silent board, either creality of BTT 32 bit board. The BTT min E3v3 is selling cheap lately. I found that creality version of Marlin is missing some important features.


@Bill.b1: Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I never heard of it before, but I see that it also makes the printer more silent amongst other benefits. I've ordered one of those boards. It is a great idea.

@jtodom: I wen't with your sollution, which also ads the benefit of a heated chamber. That might come in handy at some point in the future.

Thanks for the recommendation Bill. I didn't know of the BTT boards before. Now I have one along with the touch screen and I really like it.