Mirror link for 0.18 download?

Hello all.

Are there alternate download links for the 0.18 Octopi download?

I've tried downloading it over a dozen times now (during the day, at night, etc...) and it goes incredibly slow and always eventually times out. The furthest I got was like 30mb or something tiny like that.

You may try from github:

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Actually looks like the main download link is actually pulling from github either way. Giving it another go now from github directly (presently going at 10kbs).

I see.

The source seems to be ok. I've downloaded it within 3 minutes.

Do you connect to the Internet via WiFi? Maybe the channel you are using is overused.

I tend to have quite slow internet where I live anyways, and sometimes have similar problems with wetransfer files, but even those will download eventually/slowly.

I'm on ethernet to my router, but it's still slowish internet overall.

I did find this link from the "nightly build" link and it's downloading really quickly!:

I hope the octopi-buster-armhf-lite-0.18.0.zip version in there is the same.

according to the md5 checksum, the link from the nightly builds folder is the same at works (and downloads super fast!)

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