Missing Top Layers and it IS Octiprint

My problem is almost identical to this thread: Missing Top Layers
HOWEVER, in this case, it is most definitely OctoPrint 1.4.0 running on OctoPi 0.16.0.

I can confirm this because after numerous failed prints where the last 5-20 layers simply don't print, I've taken the same exact .gcode file and it printed fine from an sd card.

I should note that I also run the DisplayLayerProgress Plugin (1.22.1) - perhaps that is causing an issue? Any other ideas?

Try this:

  1. Post logs
  2. Try in safe mode
  3. Enable serial.log and post - only if it persists in safe mode.

to narrow down the issue/plugin that's causing it.

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Thanks for responding. I believe it was the display layer progress plugin.