Mjpeg stream to work on same pc for octoeverywhere

my webcam is an onn webcam from Walmart
im running a Windows 10 machine as I currently don't have a raspberry pi

I'm trying to use "mjpeg streamer" to stream my webcam and put it into octoprint so I can monitor it remotely and do timelapses, but mjpeg streamer cannot be viewed on the same machine you're streaming it from, it works from my phone when I'm on the same network but I need it to work when I'm at school too

I tried using yawcam but it doesn't work at all

I need an alternative that will work from my machine or a way to get mjpeg streamer to work

This may be problematic.

Most home networks use a private IP subnet on the LAN and only the router has an internet IP. With today's usage not even that is a guarantee any more, since I have a private IP LAN and my ISP gives me a private IP on the WAN side of my router.

Thus the only way I could even think of doing what you seem to want would be by using an internet server to establish and maintain a connection from my PC to the server, then connect to the server from outside (for you when at school).

Another possibility (if you actually have an internet IP on the WAN side of your router, and if you have control of that router) may be to use port forwarding on the router, but that really has security risks unless you are a network expert.

This is not really an octoprint question as much as it is a networking question.