Mk3 sensor support



Thanks for all you do. It is an amazing effort, and just know I have always appreciated it, and was happy to become a monthly patron. I was wondering if there is support for the magical sensors in the Prusa i3mk3? Like the filament out/jam sensor. Right now if my filament jams (had a truly amazing jam - as my nephew put it "an earbuds in the pocket" quality jam) with an impressive 2 layer knot on the spool. It was a long print of expensive filament so would have loved to have it continue once I fixed the situation. Instead my only choice at that point was to restart as octoprint had disconnected with the ubiquitous "communication error" and really wasn't interested in restarting at that point, so had to throw away 5 hours of printing. Is there an option or plug-in I am missing here?


Prusa has a modified version of Octoprint, give a try. I haven't had any problems with prints since using it. Make sure your also running the latest firmware for mk3:

Octoprint also has a new release candidate version, you could try: