MMU trying to load filament to nozzle but extruder wont pull

Hi guys.
Trying to set up my Octoprint with Prusa MK3s MMU2 and when starting a print from cold, the MMU sends filament to the extruder but the extruder just sits there and doesn't pull until the nozzle has heated.
Is there a way to get it to heat do this the right way?
If I'm doing the print directly on the printer then I don't ever have this issue..

Are you referencing to a multi filament print or a single filament print on the MMU?

Obviously. You can't cold extrude - in this case - you can't push filament into a cold extruder.

Anyhow, you have to wait until its hot.

How does your Prusa start code for MMU looks like.
If its an issue, then it's a setting in the slicer rather than OctoPrint.