Mobile app connection issue via mobile data

Hi not sure if its me and something I've not done or its a issue with my phone.

I can connect to my raspberry pi 3 b with no issue.tho only while I'm on the same wifi network (ie at home) . The second I am off that network and using different WiFi or phone data. It never connects, always times out. Is there settings I need to adjust? Also I'm very new to all this and don't understand alot of jargon. So if any answer can be made for a simpleton to understand it would be appreciated haha.


Hey @leztec! The way OctoPi is set up, you can only access it from within your network. It is unsafe to just expose it to the outside world, as there are safety issues with the printer connected, and often these are not secure

There are ways you can do this securely. I recommend you look at the ngrok plugin, which securely tunnels to your interface to allow remote access. Or, you can use something like The Spaghetti Detective which allows monitoring, but is not true remote access.

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