Monoprice MP Select Mini 3D Printer V2 Compatiblity Question

I just purchased a MP Select Mini 3D Printer, V2 Product Page. It suggests using Cura and Repetier-Host on a Windows machine. I have a Raspberry Pi 3. I would like to use it instead of a dedicated Windows machine. The User's Manual (English) makes reference that the included programs will work with a M200 printer, and give specific setup information for Cura and Repetier-Host. Can someone help me out with equivalent settings for Octoprint?

Thanks ahead of time... David Nowak

First, see this post by @foosel:

Second, you do not need a "dedicated" Windows machine. Repetier-Host functionality is replaced by OctoPrint running on your Raspberry Pi 3 and installing a slicer (Cura) on your regular desktop machine is the normal configuration. In Cura, you will slice your .stl file, Save to File, and use the "Upload" button at the bottom left of the main OctoPrint screen (in your browser) to put the file on the RPi and from there you can print it.

The Raspberry Pi 3 is "dedicated" to running OctoPrint and controlling your printer. Your desktop computer is used to generate .gcode files for OctoPrint. 3D printing is a time consuming process and it is not uncommon for print times to be measured in (multiple) hours.

As you progress in your 3D printing adventure, you will discover that you don't want to be stuck with printing everyone else's designs and you will want to design something of your own. Your desktop computer is the appropriate place for this activity. I started with Tinkercad.

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Hi thank you for the advice but i dont understand ( sorry am french ) could you elaborate on replying its firmware ? there is some modified firmware ?

I'm going to guess that "replaying" is a typo for "replacing" and "upgrading" or "updating" would also be appropriate. If the current firmware in your printer does have thermal runaway protection disabled, it could be a fire hazard. On the product page for the printer, I see that Monoprice does list some firmware upgrades (or updates) so I would suggest making sure your firmware is the most recent version. The procedure appears to be well documented on their website.

It doesn't appear that the firmware for your printer is "open source" (or maybe it is but Monoprice has choosen to violate the original firmware's license). If the latest version of the firmware still doesn't have thermal protection (or even if it does), a nearby smoke detector and a handy fire extinguisher are recommended additions.