More than one printer

is there a plugin that allows me to have more than one printer connected to octoprint so that those can be handled at the same time. I have 2 3d printers running but only one connected to octoprint but i wish I could have both

Check out this video from Chris Riley.

You need more than one install of OctoPrint to do this - be warned, that performance issues can arise if you are using a Raspberry Pi to run more than one printer.

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I have now 2 raspneerryPi 4 each one carrying a octoprint, Both are on the net an connected to its own printer but only one can connect serial. the other can not find its printer and connect serial

I want it more simpel! first of my english is not that god that i can follow him.
so here is what i ended up with.
I have now two raspberryPi 4 with each octoprint installed. both aare shown to the internet but only one is connecting to a printer and working with this. the other can not connect to the printer it is wired to. Both printers has a v2.4.7 motherboard an are as susch working
My question is do I have to intall a new octoprint on th raspberryPi in question.

As I understand it, two Raspberry Pi 4s, two printers, both with v4.2.7 motherboards. Have you changed the host name of one of the RPi's? This should be the only change necessary.

If one printer works and one printer doesn't, what happens when you swap the RPi's? The answer to this question will determine what troubleshooting should be performed next.

worse hapened:
In 2020 I installed octoprint on an ender 3 stock printer with version1.1.4 board.

This was working flawless with cam and connecting to the printer with serial port scan and baud rate.

I have then renewed the octoprint when new came and also changed the printer board to version v2.4.7 with no issues coming up.

BUT today I put in a new server config 2020-12-02-octopi-buster-armhf-lite-0.18.0 and this was the end of the joy the octoprint cannot find the serial port as it could before so I am lost.

I bet there are more people than me facing this problem.

Any help out there so I can use octoprint with my creality v 2.4.7 board

Best regards Jorn Johanesson the stupid Dane

Please do not multiple post your issues (Octoprint astopped working) and stick to one thread.

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@Ewald_Ikemann, I suggest that we close this thread and @Jorn_Johanesson should open a new, Get Help thread only this time, fill out the template with as much detail as possible. You could also re-open the other thread and let the template be filled in that one.

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I agree to you

Opened the other thread again and closing this one instead :smiley: