Motherboard 4.2.7 and Filament sensor

What is the problem?

Installing a new Creality Silent v4.2.7 motherboard. Trying to determine where I would plug in the wire from an add-on filament sensor. All the ports on the motherboard are marked with a label except one. It's a 3 pin port next to the green power ports. Wonder if that is the right one. Tried it on my old v4.2.2 motherboard, which now will not boot (not sure this was the problem).

Tried installing this on my v4.2.2 motherboard, but didn't work. now the motherboard will not boot. That's why I am upgrading to the 4.2.7.

Systeminfo Bundle

Not able.

Ender 3 Pro printer. Came with 4.2.2 motherboard, now upgrading to 4.2.7. Connects to OctoPi on a Raspberry Pi.

I assume a Creality forum may be a better help.

You can plug the sensor into the J1 port, which is right between the green terminals and the white endstop terminals. This is the same port on both 4.2.2 and 4.2.7 boards:

This one right here:

You do need to verify your sensor is wired properly. The ports pins can be see on the bottom of the board:

This may indicate that your sensor is wired differently and you need to switch the wires around in the connector.

In addition, you will need to update the firmware on the printer to recognize and use the sensor.

Thanks! This is what I thought. I was under the impression that the new 4.2.7 silent motherboard would see the filament sensor by default. I read something somewhere that indicated the 4.2.7 will work without having to update the firmware. Guess I find out tomorrow.

How to I determine the correct wires to connect the sensor to J1? J1 is marked V G S for the pins on the underside of the motherboard, but I do not understand how those connect to the sensor. Any ideas?

The difference between the 4.2.2 and 4.2.7 is a change for some of the internal wiring, it doesn't have anything to do with the firmware.

V=VCC, or the positive/power/5v pin
G=GND, ground/negative

The wires may be coloured, but there's no guarantee that's how the sensor is wired. The manufacturer should provide a pin diagram or some labels on the pins on the sensor.

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