Move octoprint to another linux os

i have octoprint on my orange pi with armbian.
now i want to move it to my raspberry pi with raspi os.
can it enough to install ocotprint on the rapsi copy and re-paste the two octoprint folder from orangepi to raspi pi?

thank you a lot!

More easy is this:

Make a backup of your current system by OctoPrint's backup feature.

Install a new OctoPi on the Pi and replay the backup.

Make a backup! Settings(the wrench)->OctoPrint->Create backup now and then download that to your computer. Burn a new SD for the Pi and during the Startup Wizard use the backup. Everything, all prints, all data, all settings and all your plugins will be recovered, It may take some time...

okay, but i have two instances.
When i was installed it on my orange pi i had installled it and copied the directory to a second one, where i use a other port. so i have two instances... can i backup they together?

You have to do each one separately. Once you have the octopi image flashed on the new sd card for the pi, use octoprint_deploy linked on the downloads page to create the second instance for your second printer. Then you can restore each backup to their respective instance.

i have two instances.... they work. i only need to move they to the other os. do i need to install it again with deploy?

That's what I would do.

octoprint_deploy is the easiest method for setting up multiple instances. it does all the copying and such for you.