MQTT available for SmartFilamentSensor?

i got the BigTreeTech Smart Filament Sensor Break Detection Module installed onto my rpi3.

this test shows whether the filament is moving or not and it's great!

on the main GUI, is there a way to get "filament is moving" value via MQTT?

basically, i want to feed that NO or YES value into my HomeAssistant so i can know if the filament is moving or not.

Did you take a minute to read that template you chose to delete in order to post that screenshot that 95% of the people viewing it have no idea what app and under what circumstance gave you that view?

When it says: no logs, no support: why did you think that would only apply to others but not to you?

Seriously: if you go and ask people to help you with something at least explain your situation in reproducable terms.

Try again.

so true. post updated with a lot more info.

This type of question does not need the full template filled out. Take a step back and before you kind of rudely demand that everything is provided, look at what the question actually is, and whether it is relevant and necessary.

'Can I get the BTT smart filament sensor status over MQTT?'

You don't need logs here. You don't need them to test it in safe mode. You don't need all the systeminfo stuff for a question like this.

In answer to the actual question from @Philly_Hot - it's unlikely you'll be able to get the filament sensor status over MQTT without writing extra code to do that for you. The Smart Filament Sensor plugin would have to be sending it's messages out to the MQTT plugin, which it doesn't do by default. For example, with the PSU Control plugin, there is an additional plugin you can download that will broadcast that status over MQTT, it doesn't do it automatically.

If you do fancy writing some Python code, it should not be too hard - if you do want to do that then we can help (possibly discord is easiest on the OctoPrint server)

after awhile, i see there are options to install GPIO to MQTT like this one: Pi Mqtt Gpio - Expose GPIO modules (Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone, PCF8754, PiFace2 etc.) and digital sensors (LM75 etc.) to an MQTT server for remote control and monitoring. - (pi-mqtt-gpio)

strangely when i ran the first install command it does not recognize in Octoprint via SSH

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