Multi Printer Dashboard

Need to be able to display in a browser the status for multiple OctoPrint instances

I have eleven printers. 5 are running 1 to 1 with OctoPi.
Six are running on SBC boards using Ubuntu desktop and 3 instances each of OctoPrint.

I am looking for a way to aggregate the status of each printer onto a single page via a web browser for easily checking the status of all printers without opening each octoprint instance individually.

I did not see a plugin that would do this nor did my search results return anything that looked useful in the forums.

If there is a plugin that does this or if someone knows of a program please point me in the right direction. if this does not exist, please point me to a post or location where I can get info on API calls to OctoPrint and I'll give it a go myself.

thank you in advance for any help.

Dave Blaylock

OctoFarm should do it

The information on the API calls for OctoPrint anyway is on - REST API β€” OctoPrint master documentation

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