MultiCam Plugin not working

I’m new to using a raspberry pi and Octoprint. And I’m having problems setting Octoprint up, can anyone advise me?
I’ve just set up octopi for multiple cameras by following Chris Rileys video on YouTube. I’ve installed Multicam in Octoprint and added my cameras and the cameras are visible and streaming. One camera is a raspberry pi camera and the other is a Logitech when I open Multicam in settings. But when I’m in Control in Octoprint I’ve got the default button and the second camera that I’ve added but the “Default” button is greyed out and the second camera button doesn’t do anything.
Any Idea’s please

MultiCam plugin is broken with OctoPrint 1.9.0 and is being worked on to resolve the issue. More details can be found here. Should be a new version of both OctoPrint and that plugin out in the next week or two that should resolve it.

In the interim, you could use my multicam plugin on it's own tab. To install go into plugin manager > get more, and at the bottom of the window copy/paste the URL below into the from URL field and click install.

Unfortunately the multicamview tab workaround seems to not work properly as well - there is no image loaded on that tab...

I am sorry for the misinformation. The workaround actually works - just the paths to webcams need to be copied from multicam options to multicamview options under plugins section in octoprint options.

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