Multiple devices each on a machine

I am trying to get Octoprint on Android to run on one of 4 machines. My main MX Linux is running one instance (server and browser for client) on my first machine (Althea, an Ender 3 V2, they all are)... direct through USB cable.

I have a Pi4 working, but I have not really tried to "access" both machines from this computer, although I have a "pi" version and a "local" version bookmarked.

Now I have an old "HELLO MOTO" android with it's version of Octoprint on it.

All of this is on the wireless network here.

Can I access the various Octoprints in separate browser tabs? Is this possible. The Octoprint server on the android is going on about giving it a URL. ??? What? What I need is the IP of THAT device right so that I can access it here on my dual monitor workhorse Linux machine?

I am not sure if this can be done, so before I start spinning my wheels, is this possible? The Octoprint website goes on about running more than one instance and that being kinda shakey because it appears they mean running multiple machines from one server (Pi usually when spoken about) but maybe possible, but I'm not sure that's relative to my situation. I have separate servers running (One per machine) on separate devices. I just need to know if I can access them simultaneously or am I stuck to one instance at a time?

Thanks in advance for any help and please don't flame this noob!

Separate servers can run at the same time, yes. Each server will have their own IP address to connect to it. You can open as many tabs in your browser as you would like.

Multiple instances on more powerful hardware than a Pi (or maybe a Pi 4 for a couple printers) is doable but not recommended to make sure you don't have problems.

Just give things a go :slightly_smiling_face: - nothing will explode if you try small experiments.

And all of my IT knowledge told me this should be so. I really think this is where OctoPrint would really shine, in a "print farm" situation where you're sitting at your office desk sending g-code to the server devices on each machine and monitoring things, tweaking.

Thanks Charlie!

I think OctoPrint already shines in what it does, handling a single printer. There are other solutions to combine multiple instances into a farm, eg


Thanks for that and if I ever get more than a handful of machines to call truly call it a "print farm" then I'll look into this. But for now, just feeding each machine with a pi or android server and controlling through browser.