Multiple instances not logging in


Stuck at the log in screen?

Re installed newest versions

**i have 3 Rpi 3B+ that are running 2 instances on each with 2 printers and 2 web cams on each. whenever i try try to open octoprint on firefox, it will open the econd instance but the first instance is stuck on the login screen. I use the password and i see it flash that server is unavailable and reconnecting for a flash second and goes back to the log in screen and will not load. at one point before i re updated to the newest octopi i was able to log in to my octopi instances via the printoid app on my phone, but now the API keys are different now and i can't connect with the app. i don't have any plugins installed in firefox and it will not load via any other browsers.


To me, the extra ~$50 each to dedicate one Raspi3B per printer seems like less hassle than losing prints in the long run by double-teaming them.


I don't know if this applies, but last night after a windows 10 update, my setup did the exact same thing. I also have a pi 3b+ and two instances and two printers but with one camera. I had to do a force refresh of Chrome (ctrl refresh) to get it to allow me to log in.