Multiple Pis, multiple printers

I am sure that this has already been covered, so if you could point me to the article, that is all I want.

I have 1 printer with a pi3 running octoprint. No issues.

I just got printer #2. I have another pi3. I duplicated the first SD card, tweaked the name of the printer. I am in the process of getting the printer out of the box and assembled.

I would have a pi3 for each printer. How do I access them using Putty and a browser with Octoprint on one Windows10 computer?

Just point me in the right direction. Thanks.

the easiest way would be to use the ip address of each pi.
you can find the ips on your router or when you connect the pis to a display

Each RPi should have a unique hostname. Duplicate names in a single network can cause problems (even if you don't use them and connect with the unique IP addresses). There are a couple of ways to change the hostname:

I automated step 5 a couple years ago using a task defined in my Fabric file which would place the needed octopi-wpa-supplicant.txt, octopi-hostname.txt and octopi-password.txt files on the boot partition of the Pi.
You can adjust the hostname by remoting into the Raspberry and running sudo raspi-config and look under the network option. After the reboot, it should now use its new name.
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Go with a theme. For example, name them hans, chewbacca, luke, etc.