Multiple printers dont work

I've bought my second printer, and wanted that to run on octoprint too, but didnt want to buy a second pi to run on. So i followed Chris Rileys video on how to install octoprint on window to run multiple printers.

I made the IP adress for my ThinkPad static, and i made the first printer and the second printer When i accessed the first install i got to see the setup process. But when i accessed the second install i didnt see the setup wizard, it was already setup like the first install.

I tried to install plugin on one instance, and saw that the exact same plugin was installed on the second printer. I then tried to change the title and appearence (color) of the setup, and when i changed it on one printer, it automatically changed on the second printer.

What have i done wrong? In the video that Chris Riley shows, he changes the title and color, and it only applies on one printer and not both. Have i missed something?

Some info:
Printer one: CR10S
Printer two: CR10S PRO
Laptop ThinkPad T430 with Windows 10
Octoprint latest version.

Screenshot here:

What command are you using to launch each instance?

I’ve made a folder called it octoprint.
What I do is:

  1. cd C:\octoprint
  2. octoprint serve —host= —port=5000

That’s what I do to start it.

You need to specify a basedir for each instance. Append --basedir with a unique path that indicates where the config directory should be located.

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Can you please give me an example on how to do thath? I've only done what was done in the Youtube video.

I've just made a comment on Chris's youtube video suggesting that I would never put more than one 3D printer on an OctoPrint installation. Feel free to uptick that if you agree with the sentiment.

I agree assuming you are referring to using separate venv's and basedirs. Otherwise the video seems decent.

So how could I run multiple octoprint installation on the same windows machine?

I’ve tried to make both C:\printer1 and C:\printer2 and installed venv in each folder and installed latest octoprint in each folder. But I still they’re connected somehow

If each instance already has it's own venv then you just need to append the --basedir argument with the path to where the directory should be. See