Multiple printers per server megathread

To quote the message template: "No logs? No support!"

It's hard to know without any logs.

Ultimately you should be in this thread, though:

If octoprint won’t start you cannot get a log file.

You say "didn't start", it appears that means the web service didn't come up. Much would emit logs before that, there should be some startup noise.

How are you starting it?

Ok, I’m using wrong terminology and got some more information this morning. I turn on both of my printers and wait for them to boot up. Then I turn my Pi on and the printers re-boot. I put the ip address in my web browser and instance 2 at port 5001 comes up but instance 1 at port 5000 will not connect. In Chrome I get the message “This site can’t be reached refused to connect. I did a status check on octoprint and octoprint2, both shows they are running. I tried stopping and restarting octoprint but I still cannot connect with my web browser. I use Putty to access the rPi so if there is a way to get log through Putty I can do that.

Gary Struckmeier

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This post shows where the logs are on all platforms:

Thank you for all your help. I finally decided it would be quicker to just do a clean install and start fresh.

Gary Struckmeier

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I have the same problem, did you find a solution?

We need more information.
Which OS are you using? Did you use a guide to set it up and if yes which one?

Hello! Install it following the guide of cris
Octoprint On Linux - Install - How To - Chris's Basement - YouTube.
and for the instances
Octoprint On Linux - Revisit - Multiple Instance Install - Chris's Basement - YouTube.
I want to add 10 instances with the same producer id, vendor id and serial.
I should do it through the usb port but I don't know how to do it

I think that's going to make it difficult to assign udev rules or serial port assignment mappings I think.

Do you think it is not possible?
I need to do it xD. Connect a usb hub and identify the ports but I don't know if it is possible

A month and a half late, but it is certainly possible. You just have to use KERNELS defined rules in udev and keep everything plugged into the same ports/hub positions.

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I want to make a few clarifications since, right now, a Pi is rather expensive and often hard to find, so the option of running 2 printers on one Pi is attractive.

First, I've seen power mentioned a few times. That includes saying a Pi can't handle running 2 printers at the same time, but it sounds like more people have done this and find it works. Can anyone verify for me they've used 1 Pi to control 2 printers, both printing at the same time? Did it work or were there issues?

Second, I haven't seen anyone discuss using a touchscreen. Is it possible to use a touchscreen connected to a Pi using 2 (or more) instances of OctoPi to control their printers from a touchscreen? While I do a lot of my work from a nearby desktop, it'd be really nice to have a touchscreen at my print station so I don't have to go back and forth for some work. (And along that line, it looks like there are touchscreen interfaces designed for smaller touchscreens for a Pi. Can anyone tell me what smaller sized touchscreen they use and if it works easily for them with OctoPi?)

Hello! Thanks for the reply. Yes, I was able to connect 8 instances to a pi but I have problems. My sd fills up very quickly since it uses the memory of the pi

switch to a usb thumb drive maybe

Has anyone used a touchscreen with multiple OctoPrint instances on one Pi?

I would think it'd need a way to select between the instances and, each instance, a way to back out to the main menu.

depends on what interface you are using for the touchscreen. I came up with a hacky solution for OctoDash with the OctoDash companion plugin via custom actions in OctoDash. When set it will basically change the settings in your OctoDash config.json and then restart the service to load the additional instance. The only requirement is that all your instances must have the same API key registered.

I would be quite interested in more information on how you did that. First, do you mean the same API key for OctoDash or OctoPrint? (I'm still winding my way through what I can do with OctoPrint, so, other than setting up 2 instances and 2 webcams, have not gone too deeply into OctoPrint yet. Sorry if this is way too easy a question!)

Was this hard to set up with custom actions?

Another thought I'm having about this: If I use custom ports (say, 5000 for Printer1, 5001 for Webcam1, 5010 for Printer2 and 5011 for Webcam2), is it possible, and fairly easy, to set up a simple HTML page for the "normal" page for OctoPrint that would have links to each instance?

For example, if my Pi used the hostname "menegroth" for my Pi, and, using Haproxy, http://menegroth/printer1 was an alias for http://menegroth:5000 and http://menegroth/printer2 was an alias for http://menegroth:5010, so I was using those two paths for my 2 printers, could I set it up so just plain http://menegroth or http://menegroth/index.html brings up my own HTML page? (That way I could write a simple page to easily pick which printer I am using and it would be easily updated as I add more printers. It could also direct to multiple webcams, if I start using multiple ones.)