My Inexpensive cameras

Thank you for letting me join the group.
I have an Anet A6 and Ender 3 3D printers operated by separate Pi 3B+ and wanted to see printing progress without going up and down my basement stairs constantly. I started reading up and found lots of solution but being a retired cheap steak it needed to be cheap. On ebay I found these web cam's for $3.77 each shipped so I ordered two of them. Notice it says no drivers required...
They arrived yesterday and I couldn't wait to try them out. After booting both pi's automatically saw them when and when I choose the control tab they they were!!!. One was slightly out if focus but I found turning the lens was easy. Next is finding and printing mounts for them.
My pi's are loaded slightly different, after setting up the image I could not get wifi to work so I connected KB, monitor and mouse to the pi and there were instructions on loading a desktop. That made setting up Wifi easy and that might be possibly be why the cameras were no brainers to set up.
Sorry for the long first post.


For me, it wouldn’t work. I use the raspicam because it doesn’t use an USB port. I disable USB ports from a script so can make my printer turn off the screen when the power supply is off, but can keep viewing the cam image.

and they are only 640x480
for the same price i paid for my c270 and c310 cams...