My Pi doesn't boot


I think so as well. I ordered a new Pi. going to see if that one works. if so, then I know that is the issue.


Even damage like that can be repaired by soldering. There are ways of testing that theory by moving it around or by trapping it with something and wrapping it with a rubber band long enough to make the determination. Having found where something was broken you can carefully inspect.

In a case like this it may be that something broke lose from where it was soldered. In other cases, the board itself has been split but there are times when even that can be repaired by running jumpers and soldering them.

It's all unfortunate and you're learning that perhaps a case might help to protect it somewhat.


have received 2nd pi. plugged in SD card. Power light is lit up and green led lit up and flashes. Seems to work.

When it fell, it was secured in a case. Now to try to figure out where the other went wrong. And need to remember how I got octopi.local to work.


Alright, now we're getting somewhere.

So let's talk about what could be wrong that would prevent the activity light from ever kicking off:

  • if the microSD connector is tweaked then it would behave just like this
  • if any of the connections around the microprocessor are broken, it would probably behave like this
  • if the USB bus chips aren't on the main microprocessor itself then the runs around that would also need an inspection

Look for damage. Use a magnifying glass and strong light. Concentrate on the area on or near the microSD adapter.

If you've determined that you don't want to re-solder the microSD connector...

Ultimately, if you can temporarily get this to boot then you could convert this over to a USB thumbdrive-only Raspbian install and toggle the OTP-SWITCH-THAT-CANNOT-BE-TOGGLED-BACK to allow you to only boot from USB, rendering the microSD connector moot.

Name resolution

You might have issued a permanent IP lease to the other Raspi by its MAC address.