My Printer still gets Power even when i switch it off?

Just fitted my Pi with Octoprint on my Ender 3 Pro, set it all up and it works well Except that damn camera (See my other post!), but i need some advice please......

With my Pi still running i switch off my printer via the PSU switch, but the TFT screen is still alive? I am guessing it is drawing power from the Pi as no other power is conneted.

Is this OK?
Should this happen?
Can i safely leave the Pi on and not the printer?
How do i shut the Pi down? (Commands?)
And is this done via SSH
Or Can i just switch the Pi off (I would not shut my PC down like this, so expecting a no on this question)

Thanks Peeps

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Sounds like the Pi is sinking 5V power over to the controller board. Search the forum for "tape 5V".


Thanks V Much OutsourcedGuru, this worked. I was hoping that this 5v issue on the usb might solve my damn Pi camera issue i have, but alas i still have the dreaded 'Webcam Stream Loading' Grrrrrr

Might look at getting a decent usb camera to work in the Pi...Any suggestions guys for a reliable USB camera?

Thanks Again

Honestly, I've loved my two Raspberry Pi NoIR V2 cameras (Adafruit). They've worked great out-of-the-box. It feels to me like the USB-based cameras pull more current.

At the moment i would be happy to get any camera working. It seems that if i go into the octopi.txt file, un check the 2 camera settings, save the file and re boot the camera works, then when i shut the pi down again and reboot it is not working.......until i go into that boot file and re-check the 2 settings, reboot it then works again....'SOMETIMES'.

This does seem quite a prevalent error and happens very often, just by the amount of the post on here. I have read most of them, tried most of the suggestions, but no one seems to have hit the nail on the head with a definate fix, which says to me that the cause can be numerous things on different systems.

Oh well, such is life and with far more important things going on, i shan't get het up about this, but keep watching, reading, trying fixes to get to the bottom of this.

HUGE Thanks for your replies and help so far. People like you on any forums are what we noobs cherish. Would love to discuss this over a beer (On Me of course), but we are 1000's miles apart (I am in the UK) Lol.
Take it easy.

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