My raspberry pi 4 won’t boot after shutdown

The problem is that the raspberry won’t boot I think. The red and green lights are on all the time. The greeen light won’t blink or do anything but it is on. The problem starter when I was done with a print I powered down the raspberry on the webpage and when I tried to start it it would not work. I can not install the os in the sad card because the pc doesn’t find the card. I have tried to start it with the usb to the printer not connected but it doesn’t work. I got the thing like for one day an than it stop working. I NEED HELP!!

Hello @miniBlackops_sagen !

How did you try to start.
After a proper shutdown, have you tried to power off and on again?

After the shutdown I put the power cable in the raspberry and it didn’t do anything. The green light was on all the time. It didn’t blink. I tried to power it of and on with the printer not connected but it didn’t work

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