NavBar Temp not working with RasPi4?

Solved! The Temperature appears only, if the printer is connected!

I've installed octopi on a new RasPi4.
Because i want to check, where the RasPi temperature goes to when using the live stream with higher resolutions, i installed the NavBar Temp Plugin, but it didn't work.
There are no temperatures visible in the Navbar (It's not the problem with the font color).
In of the plugin, i already added the new BCM Type 2711 to the piSoctypes array but this also didn't change anything:

self.piSocTypes = (["BCM2708", "BCM2709",^M
                            "BCM2835", "BCM2711"])  # Array of raspberry pi SoC's

Has anyone an idea?


Hello @Reiner,

could you please write a new post with the solution and mark that post as solution:

Solved! The temperature appears only, if the Printer is connected!

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