Need asistance with strange print issue

Slicer- I am using Prusa Slicer

Slicer Version 2.7.2 Windows 64 bit

What is the problem?

Octoprint is not extruding enough material after print is uploaded from my MK4 to octoprint. I use an app on my phone to monitor the print and the print timer is way off. I am printing well past 120 percent and the print is nowhere near finished.I am uploading the bcodes to octoprint, the printer is then starting but the print looks off after a couple layers, like not enough material is being extruded.

What did you already try to solve it?

Nothing yet I have no iea where to start but I assume its something to do with the gcode and how its broken down for printing.

Hello @The_Gojira !

OctoPrint is extruding anything. The printer extrudes.

From the printer to OctoPrint? How?

What app?

That is a misunderstanding.

The printer has an input buffer that store some amount of gcode commands.
OctoPrint displays the commands that are sent, it takes a while that these certain commands are processed by the printer. Depending on the model, this can be a few layers.
This has nothing to do with not enough material being extruded. That is a very different matter.

BTW: Next time, please do not delete the complete template and stick to it. In this case, the systeminfo bundle is missing.

Ok I wont delete stuff next time. So what do you think it could be? I upload directly from slicer, it starts printing but its having issues. Maybe not underextruding like I thought. There seems to be small clumps of material on the parts that are already printed. I dont have any issues pritning from a usb drive like I do when I upload to octoprint. I have an MK4 and have a plugin on octoprint that allows me to upload bcode. Could that be causing the issue?

So, please attach the systeminfo bundle to your next post.