Need help, ctc replicator is reciving commands from octo print but not reacting

And yes that is my printer.

Lots of people have trouble getting the firmware to update due to CTC not installing the additonal capacitor.

The only way I could get consistent results was by hitting enter (clicking ok) in the software then press the reset button on the printer to get it to update...

Did you hear back from the seller?

yes I spent and hour traying to do that to no success, it kept coming up with an error message, although I believe something happened to the software since it wont even let me print via the SD card any more, I have trayed the same process again uploading my original version, but that didn't work. now when I home the printer using the control panel it keeps running even after hitting the sensor.

The seller did come back asking for a error code on the printer and a photo of the printer itself. I think that all he said but his English was not easy to read. The printer is not showing any error codes. I gave him what he wonted and explained the situation but he has come back since, that was over a week ago. I have ruled out the faulty cable as being the cause.

Which software/version are you using to try an update the firmware?

And just to confirm before you try to update the firmware your disabling the background service from running within the software to enable the firmware update?

in the end I just ended up buying a new main board, and it works just fine. after 4 months I have it printing with both extruders finely. it turns out their is a problem with the usb ports on a lot if not all their printers. my friend is trying to get round that with a gcode to .x3g softer. GpxUi. if it works al let you know if not remind me if you have the same problem.

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