Need help with Bed Temp

Hey OctoPrint Community,

my Heatbed is printing at 58 degrees. I want to set a break time between heating the bed and heating the Nozzle. This is beacuse my glass on the heatbed will not forward the temp. while the nozzle is heating up. The Result is that big prints break away if i not wait long enough in pause mode.

I try to pause the printer and heat up the bed manually. The print is working with this solution :slight_smile: But it is not the serious way to solve the problem.

I want to set a pause time between heating the bed and start heating the nozzle. Perhalps someone has a G-Gode solution or an other way to solve the issue seriously :slight_smile: Thanks to all :slight_smile:

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We were just talking about something like this here.

If you needed to simply delay, you could add a gcode dwell command in there.

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G4 P500 ; Dwell for 1/2 second

Thanks :slight_smile: The Dwell solution works :+1:t6:

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