Network 500 Server Error

After creating a test print I attempted to load and run a new file. However, the latest release refused to accept any files as they came up as not compatible. The files were all created with the latest version of Simplify3D. I then went through Putty and Updated everything and rebooted. Now I get a Network Server 500 Error and I can't login .
Does anyone else have this problem and if they've found a workaround. It would be greatly appreciated.

Imagine that this post is like a time capsule in the future. When you say "the latest release" now, we can reasonably use deductive reasoning to figure that out. I'm going to guess 1.3.10 here.

When you say "files", it would be helpful if you gave us an example file extension. My printer does ".gcode" or ".gco" but I know that other printers use differently-named files, even binary format ones.

When you say "...and Updated everything" you'd be surprised that there are two popular ways of doing that, one of which results in basically bricking your Raspi.


sudo rpi-update


sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -y upgrade

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