Network Connection Issues

What is the problem?
I cannot connect to my octopi from my computer (SSH) or browser.

What did you already try to solve it?
Re-flashed SD card
redid network txt file

This is my first time trying to run octopi. I just received my raspberry pi 4B today and set it up. I downloaded the octopi release candidate 0.18 64bit and followed the instructions. My pi is connected to the wifi. If I hook up a monitor and keyboard to the pi I can ping googe and other internet ip addresses. My pi has been assigned an IP address. I can see it in my router and in when I run ifconfig.

I tried pinging the pi's IP address from my computer and it didn't find it. I cannot connect to it from my browser using the IP address or octopi.local and I can't conenct to it from my computer using putty.

Any suggestions?

ok, I'm able to connect to the pi with the browser on my phone. I'm wondering if it is because my desktop is connected to router via ethernet and not wifi. Is there any way to make that work?

Ok I got it all working. I'm going to speak to what I did and why I had the issue in case anyone ever has this issue in the future although this is a pretty unique issue.

I technically have multiple routers and wifi networks. I use ATT fiber and have the included modem/router combo that comes with that. I also have eero mesh router network throughout my home. I largely only use the eero network however it only has 2 ethernet ports in the back of it. For this reason I have my desktop computer connected via ethernet directly to the ATT modem/router combo and then all of my wifi devices are connected to the eero mesh network and the eero network is connected via ethernet to the ATT modem/router.

Because my computer is not technically on the eero network, it could not talk to the pi which was connected to the eero via wifi. I had to reflash the pi and connect it to the ATT wifi node which then allowed my desktop to communicate with the pi.

What I can't explain is that I can still connect to the pi from my phone which is connected to the eero wifi network. It seems eero connected devices can talk to the ATT connected devices but not the other way around. I'm sure there might be some setting deep in my router(s) that addresses this but I am not a network engineer and wouldn't know what I'm looking for.

Problem is solved, make sure your computer and your pi are connected to the same wifi network.

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I do like people who solve their own problems, great that you got it sorted!